The Magnificent Rant: Part IV

I haven’t had the time to write on the this site, but when I do, I get stuck. Not necessarily writer’s block too. So much of it is pondering, delicately trying to convey my thoughts into words, but not just any words, words that can justify the amount of excitement, frustration, and pure love I have at the moment. When I write I usually listen to a  particular film score, especially a score that fits the mood of my writing style or even my existence. It’s an existential experience when notes of music are neatly defining your presence in the world. This happens to be the score to Interstellar by Hans Zimmer. Granted, I listen to his score often. There’s this sense of religious nascent that intertwines with how grand yet desolated the universe is. It’s scary yet reaffirming.

Off the soundtrack, please listen to the track, ‘Mountains’, From the get-go, there’s a sense of urgency and a sense of unsettledness. From the rambunctious ticking to the pressing melody of the organ pipes, It buries you like a massive tidal wave. Though that is not my favorite track. That goes to ‘Cornfield Chase’. The track is only two minutes long but it certainly feels like eternity. And like the chase, it feels like the track is either ahead of you, or you’re ahead of the track. The Journey is intense yet pleasant. I usually listen when I’m about to write or when I am preparing my schedule for the month. It is awfully reassuring when it gets to the end of the track too. Anyway, that’s about it. Please go out your way to listen if you haven’t yet. Indulge yourself.

Until next time, safe travels.

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