Tsotsi (2005)

There is an exchange between the titular character and Miriam (Terry Pheto) about Miriam’s two glass art pieces. Both pieces have similar geometric shapes yet are different in color. Tsotsi, played by the incredible Presley Chweneyagae, asked about the differences and what they represent. Miriam replied when she created the rusty and bleak glass […]


Hello. Here are some photos from my Instagram. It’s a ongoing project I titled, LIKOD. Enjoy

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The Magnificent Rant: Part IV

I haven’t had the time to write on the this site, but when I do, I get stuck. Not necessarily writer’s block too. So much of it is pondering, delicately trying to convey my thoughts into words, but not just any words, words that can justify the amount of excitement, frustration, and pure […]

South Lake Tahoe.

Let it snow. Let it South Lake Tahoe.


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Double Exposure.

Hey, what’s the world wide web?


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The Universe.

I’ll make this brief because I’m a bit tired. I want to write something. Something remarkable, something exquisite, something so grand my children’s children will retell it every other night to their children as a bedtime story, but I don’t have the gift of the gab, or the talent to convey intricate words into something […]


So much can happen in a 24 hour period. One moment you’re totally blissful, attractive by the abnormality and love. Enchanted by the brief and subtly rendezvous, preventing any known action from the outside world. Just two earthlings enjoying each other’s company in this massive and dazzling universe. Then, something dubious happens. Something unexpected. Now […]

The Magnificent Rant: Part III

At the moment, I’m listening to LCD Soundsystem. At the moment, I’m eating a bowl of delicious cantaloupe. At the moment, well, I’m quite happy. It’s been awhile since words were embedded onto this website, my personal “blog”, my escape from the harsh truths and false objectives of reality, it’s all a bit chaotic really, […]